You can thank Lil Yachty for A&Ring one of the standout guest appearances on Kanye West’s new album.

During a Twitch livestream on Tuesday, Lil Boat revealed how he helped get Kid Cudi added to the Don Toliver-featuring Donda cut “Moon.”

“So I was on TikTok, right? And when the first listening party happened, they took the excerpt from ‘Moon’ and they played it,” Yachty explained. “Me and everyone in the comments was like, ‘Damn, man! Kid Cudi would sound great on this!’”

“So I hit up Vory. I said, ‘Vory, man. Cudi gotta get on ‘Moon,’” the Atlanta rapper continued. “He hit ’Ye and then ’Ye got Cudi, he hit Cudi. And that’s how Cudi got on ‘Moon,’ ’cause he wasn’t on there originally. Y’all can thank me!”

Although “Moon” was played during Kanye’s first Donda listening session on July 23 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the song featured only Don Toliver. A new version with Cudi was then debuted at the Aug. 5 event, only for his vocals to be replaced by the Sunday Service Choir during the album’s third live playthrough on Aug. 26.

In the end, Yachty’s impressive A&R skills prevailed, as Cudi’s crooning was restored for the album version. Find out where Complex slotted Cudder on our ranking of the best guest features on Donda here.