If you’ve recently wondered what a full-blown trial about Lil Nas X’s so-called “Satan shoes” would look like, the “Montero” artist himself has now come through with the answer.

On Monday, X shared a two-minute clip to YouTube in which he’s seen hilariously mocking the controversy spurred by the infamous shoe collab project. Fittingly, the skit itself serves as promo for X’s upcoming new single “Industry Baby” featuring Jack Harlow. The track boasts co-production from Take a Daytrip and Kanye West. 

Earlier this year, though you surely need no reminder, a largely conservative-spurred controversy erupted in connection with both X’s “Montero” video and the aforementioned “Satan shoes” project with MSCHF. Nike, of course, was not involved in the collaborative project—which focused on customized Air Max 97s featuring alleged human blood from members of the MSCHF team—but was still inaccurately made a target of criticism by conservatives.