Lil Baby is one of the hottest artists in the world with a very busy schedule. This fast-paced life reared its head when some of his own lyrics slipped his mind. 

The Jewelry Unlimited TikTok account approached Baby with some lyrics from “I’m Straight” off his debut studio album Harder Than Ever, which celebrates its third anniversary next month. After being confident about knowing his rhymes, Baby completely blanked when asked to finish some of the bars, despite the opportunity to knock $1,000 off a jewelry purchase if he succeeded.

The clip—in which Baby wears a big smile throughout—ends by teasing a second part.

Lil Baby puts out a high volume of music, so it’s not surprising he forgot the lyrics to one of his tracks. In fact, his feature run and consistent output can be likened to the chokehold Lil Wayne had on hip-hop in his prime. And like Lil Baby, Weezy was recently presented with some lyrics of his that he totally forgot about. Darnell Smith sat down with Tunechi earlier this month for an interview, asking the rapper about one of his iconic lines from the “Lollipop” remix.

“Safe sex is great sex/Better wear a latex/’Cause you don’t want that late text/That ‘I think I’m late’ text,” Smith recited to Lil Wayne, who listened in amazement.

“I said that?!” Weezy asked. “I’m a dog! I didn’t know when I said that or why I said that, but I said it. … I don’t write, man.”