Even though Latto officially changed her name earlier this year, she’s still fielding questions about her original sobriquet, Mulatto.

She responded to the latest inquiry on Twitter when a user asked, “Hey what’s Latto short for? @Latto.”

“Y’all not over this yet?” Latto responded. “I’ve apologized for it multiple times even tho I didn’t name myself at 8yo. I took the blame/accountability, turned over a new leaf & made sum positive of it.. all while maintaining my trademarks, LLCs etc w/o branching too far off my established brand.”

The Queen of Da Souf rapper changed her name from Mulatto to Latto due to the moniker’s negative origins as an offensive term to describe mixed-race people.

“You know, you might know your intentions, but these are strangers who don’t know you, never even met you in person,” she said in May. “So you gotta hear each other out, and if you know those aren’t your intentions and that’s how it’s being perceived, it’s like why not make a change or alter it? For me, it was the name. So now I’m like, ‘OK, my intentions was to never glorify being mulatto.’”

She later confirmed the change with a video teasing her song “The Biggest,” which included a faux Google search for the definition of Latto: “Short for the lottery. Completely separate from Mulatto, represents a new chapter, good fortune, spiritually & financially. Often referred to as Big Latto, the alter ego.”

The artist has had to address the situation multiple times, even dropping a freestyle video the other day aimed at her haters.