After facing allegations of sexual abuse from 8 different women earlier this month, Canadian-American rapper Kris Wu was detained by Chinese Police today on suspicion of rape.

“In response to relevant information reported on the internet,” wrote the Chinese police in a statement, Wu had been “criminally detained” on suspicion of rape “including that he repeatedly lured young women to have sexual relations.”

No other details were provided, but the arrest comes after Wu has been publicly accused of sexual abuse by multiple women, the first accusation coming from 19-year-old fan Du Meizhu, who said the rapper lured her to his home when she was 17 with the promise of an audition, but claimed he instead gave her alcohol and had sex with her after she blacked out. In an interview with the Chinese site NetEase, she said she knew of eight other women with similar experiences with Wu, two of whom were apparently minors. Wu is currently 30 years old, while the Chinese age of consent is 14.

“I didn’t respond earlier because I didn’t want to interfere with judicial proceedings,” Kris Wu penned in a response to the accusations on the website Weibo, “but I cannot bear it anymore.” He explained that he and Meizhu knew each other and had met through a mutual friend but denied the allegations of abuse.
“If I’ve done any of the things [she claims], I will take myself to jail,” he wrote. 10 brands, including Porsche and Louis Vuitton cut ties with Wu following the allegations. Fans have continued to take to social media and demand that Wu quit music and leave the country for good.