They may not want to see Kodak winning, but they surely don’t want to see him touching his mom’s behind. 

Kodak Black hopped on Instagram Live Saturday, finally speaking out about the the viral video of him grabbing his mother’s butt, and he wants to set the record straight. 

Kodak starts the talk around the video by sharing that his dad left him at a young age, and that his mom continued to take care of his family.

“When I see my mama, homie, I adore her, homie,” Kodak said. “I kiss her feet, homie, what you talkin’ bout boy… Some of you n***as don’t even holla at your mama. Some of you n***as don’t even call your mama, homie. Some of you n***as don’t even spend time with your mama, homie.”

He continued by asking his fans how they’d expect to “love a bitch” if they don’t love their own mothers. 

“She ain’t trippin’. I don’t give a fuck what you talkin’ bout, n***a,” Kodak argued. “… I grabbed my mama because I treat my mama like my lady, n***a. That’s my queen, n***a.”

He then clarified that nothing beyond butt-touching happened with him and his mother, and that his main goal is to make his mother feel “real beautiful.”

“I don’t fuck my mama, we ain’t doin’ no crazy shit,” Kodak explained on the live. “I grab her, like I make her feel real beautiful. I remind my mama, ‘You beautiful, I’m fucked up bout you ma, I’m in love with you.’”

Kodak also expressed concerns about how people were discussing the video rather than him being “in good spirits,” following coverage of some concerning tweets, and his decision to delete social media, just days before. Kodak, of course, revamped his Instagram account and shared after the fact that he’s “got a great support system” and is “surrounded By love,” but that “somebody put a false rumor in my head that drove me to the edge that I can’t say but all in all I’m ok.”

Check out the full Instagram Live below.