What was the biggest challenge of putting together the show? 
The special effects were the biggest piece. That was the biggest unknown. Everything else, at the end of the day, is what we do. So, there was a nature of comfort or a feeling that was like, “Cool.” But there’s some guesswork here about how the smoke is going to work. I mean, we had like 5,000 pounds of dry ice underneath the stage. When you’re playing with these sorts of ideas and these sorts of scales, there’s so much guesswork at that point. On the night of the 7th, when we did our first test, there was zero wind. If you look at my Instagram, the first photo I posted that says “Promethean,” that was the test from the 7th. And if you zoom in, you can see there’s two people standing in the middle of that. That wasn’t actually during the show. That was the test when there was zero wind and 100% humidity and everything held. The crazy part is right after this moment, the smoke held in place for almost three hours. So, if we had done this with a live crowd, no one would’ve seen anything. 

It was fun because everyone was like, “Thank God this wasn’t the listening parties where the first time they saw anything working was the gig.” I mean, literally half the people would be like, “I want my money back. What the fuck is this?” Again, it’s kind of like you’re playing with something that you can’t control. Then, the night before the show, the wind was insane. It was like 25 to 30 mile an hour winds, and it was absolutely wild. And then the night of the show was about eight miles an hour, and it worked out. It was cool. 

What was the most memorable part of the experience from the ideation to showtime? 
The most memorable moment was getting them onstage, and having them walk through the arches together and hearing the crowd, and understanding that we had actually done it. I think the other most memorable moment of it was just sharing the achievement with the entire organization. When the show ended, there was an air of, “Wow. We just did that.” It was just a very special thing. There was a very special energy around the entire team. And not just my team. All the way through to the top, there was this really special energy when it was done, of just like, “OK, cool. That happened.” There was very much an air of, “Cool, that was just the beginning.”

What was the moment like just before Ye and Drake walked through the arches. Do any particular emotions or remarks come to mind? 
I didn’t really see any crazy nerves. I just felt like it was like, “Cool, this is what we do. Let’s go do our thing.”