He still hasn’t dropped it.

There have been two live-streamed listening parties and several rumored release dates, but still no Donda. Kanye West is taking his time.

With each delay, restlessness is growing among Kanye’s fanbase. Some are having fun with it—some of the memes of Mike Dean being held hostage in the bowels of Mercedes-Benz Stadium are hilarious. But others are having a more, um, challenging time with the delays. Kanye fan forums, subreddits, and Instagram pages are in disarray. People are starving for the album, and complaints are flying.

How are the delays really impacting appetite for the album, though? Are people getting tired of it all and tuning out? Or is anticipation only building with each delay? Members of the Complex Music team (Eric Skelton, Andre Gee, and Jessica McKinney) each weighed in and debated how the delays are really affecting Kanye’s Donda rollout. See each of their perspectives below.