Fanbases can be brutal when it comes to their favorite artists. How do you balance what they want and what was aligned with Juice’s vision? 
Bibby: First, I try to think: How could I help? What could I do to make it not feel like we’re just putting out a bunch of music that’s talking about drugs? And then, I think about Juice’s fans. They are like the make or break. They’ll kill us online if anything goes wrong. So I’ve got to keep in mind, what do these kids want? What are their favorite songs that already may have leaked? Then I think about what Juice’s favorites are that he would always play for me. It’s a lot that goes into it.

Jideonwo: I think it’s a mix of everything. Like the die-hardcore fans are always the loudest. Juice fans are the absolute, most… I wouldn’t use the word insane, but maybe the craziest. Like, earlier this year, they leaked my phone number. I think around 2,000 kids called me. They leaked my house address. Somebody ordered pizza to my house. All because, before this album came out, we had advertised another album, which was called The Party Never Ends. And there was a trend going on, where they’ll say, “Oh, when’s The Party Never Ends dropping?” And we would say, “Soon. Soon. Soon.” And so that kind of played out through the summer. Then when we finally said, “Oh, the album’s not coming out,” all hell broke loose. 

So, it’s really about trying to manage the expectations for the fanbase. They’re so involved in his career. We have so many leaked songs. They’re going to say, “Oh, put this song out. Put this song out. This creative is not good. Why don’t you make it look this way? Juice wouldn’t want this.” It’s really hard to try to balance it and make them happy. But I think we try our best to listen to them as much as possible, but also understand that what those 20 to 30,000 kids want, might not always be the best decision for the bigger picture. 30,000 kids do not necessarily equate to a song getting a billion streams. And then those kids are still going to say, “Oh, forget about the numbers. Who cares? Take Justin Bieber off the record.” It’s just a balance all the way down from the merch to the music to the videos to whatever. You’re always going to have someone say they knew what Juice wanted. 

"Juice has over 2,000 [unreleased] songs, but maybe about 700 of them already leaked." – Lil Bibby

Can you talk about the features on this project? How did you go about recruiting artists like Justin Bieber and Eminem? 
Bibby: I always like to go to the guys that I know he was truly friends with. So I had to do Polo G and Trippie Redd because they were his real friends. I always used to pull up to the house, and they were just over there, not even doing music all the time. So I always like to go to them first. And then Bieber, I know he always wanted to work with him. And I know Bieber was going through some of the same things with drugs. So that was special for me to have Bieber talking about his issues to the kids. Then I’m like, who else bigger than Bieber could talk about this that’ll be meaningful? Then Juice did a song with Suga from BTS. Suga is really big on mental health, too, so it just fit the project.