After it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio is in final talks to play cult leader Jim Jones, some joked that Leo was playing the rapper instead.

Earlier this week, Variety wrote that DiCaprio is in talks to star as the leader of the Peoples Temple cult for a new MGM film, which he will also produce with Jennifer Davisson under their Appian Way banner. Jones and his cult orchestrated a mass murder-suicide in 1978 through the use of a beverage laced with cyanide, which left over 900 people dead. Jones’ body was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jim Jones the rapper, meanwhile, is a decidedly different man, despite possessing the same name. But that didn’t stop some from imagining an alternate film project starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the Dipset member. In a post on Instagram, Jones shared one meme that photoshopped the Oscar-winner’s face onto the NYC rapper.

"I’m a have to show him how to throw up then gang Signs," he wrote alongside the meme on Instagram. "He gone need some gang tutoring lol. They said it would b Leo or Denzel I said Leo n me could pass for brothers. Don’t u see th resemblance. Box office Shit lol. Leo plays me in th new Jim Jones movie harlem we up."

Check out some of the Jim Jones-related memes circulating below.