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Hunnah is back with another hot R&B track, and this time the songstress is teaming up with Amindi to create an anthem about finding the perfect guy.

The smooth, bubblegum song is playful and takes joy in piecing together the ideal partner: “You could be 6 foot some/Air Force ones on/31 with ambition/Not the funny guy but not the quiet type,” Hunnah sings on the first verse.

Hunnah and Amindi
Image via Rafa Alvarez

It’s a song Hunnah wrote with her pals back in high school that pokes fun at all the qualities she was looking for in her dream man. She then asked Amindi to add a verse, and “she completely understood the assignment.”

“We ended up with something that’s kind of satirical, maybe also kind of serious, but definitely a bop,” she tells Complex. “This song was so much fun to write and Amindi really took it to another level.”

“I’m just so happy to have a song with such an incredible artist and human and I’m really excited for people to hear the rest of the project soon,” Hunnah adds.