HoneyKomb Brazy appeared in court Wednesday where he pleaded not guilty to illegal gun possession and possession of marijuana charges after prosecutors pushed for Mobile County Circuit Judge Wesley Pipes to revoke his probation, Fox10 News reports

HoneyKomb Brazy, whose real name is Nashon Jones, was arrested in May on an outstanding warrant for violating his probation following an alleged shootout between the rapper’s crew and a rival group, just days before attending his grandparents’ funeral. A video allegedly shows Brazy pulling out a gun, and firing back. Investigators suspect his grandparents were killed inside their home as retaliation stemming from a feud. 

The indictment alleges Brazy had more marijuana than allowed for personal use in December, along with a gun. Prosecutors presented evidence showing that the rapper, who wasn’t allowed to leave Alabama, had been living in Texas while also popping up in Georgia. His probation officer admitted that a fee was paid to transfer his probation to Texas, but the request was never approved. 

Prosecutors assert HoneyKomb Brazy violated his probation by toting guns in his music videos, such as “Dead People,” which can be seen up top. His stepmother, who also handles his business affairs, provided a first-hand account as someone who attended a few of his video shoots, testifying that the weapons were props. “We prop everything. … We’re strict on that. We control everything,” Reshad McCall, whose company produces HoneyKomb Brazy’s videos, adding, “I personally ordered them. I’ve got receipts for them.”  

“It comes with the industry,” his attorney Jeff Deen said. “It’s shocking to some of us, but that’s how they make their money. And it’s a very lucrative market, and this young man has a lot of talent. He’s a go-getter.” HoneyKomb Brazy has been on probation since 2016 after being convicted of firearm possession as a convicted felon.