The Ferragamo Falcon Guapdad 4000 has returned to deliver some vibrant visuals to go along with his new single “She Wanna” featuring P-Lo. The single comes ahead of his upcoming collaborative album with !llmind, 1176, set to drop on March 19. 

Guapdad 4000 has never been one to mince his words, and in “She Wanna” the Balmain Batman describes exactly what women want to do with him and what he enjoys doing with them in return. Directed by Chris Simmons, P-Lo is a literal ear-on-the-wall as his face protrudes from the red door of Guapdad 4000’s motel. “She Wanna” follows suit from many Guapdad songs, with the Bay Area rapper flexing his lyrical prowess with unique ways to say how blessed and wealthy he is.

Talking about how the track came together, P-Lo said it was seamless and easy to make. “Me and Guap made this song in about 30 mins, everything just came out and we were pretty much laughing the whole time,” the fellow Bay Area native said in a press release.

When talking about what it was like working with !llmind on 1176, Guapdad said it felt like magic to collaborate with the producer.

“If !llmind had a power it would be to shapeshift, he can do anything! Something like this comes in handy when you need to tell the full spectrum of your story like I did in this music,” Guap stated. “I had no idea we would stumble upon something this magical though but I guess I should have known that linking up with my Filipino brother would enhance my super powers! Enjoy it scamily.”

Watch the music video for Guapdad 4000’s new single “She Wanna” featuring P-Lo up top.