Feid’s new single is one that fans have been looking to get their hands on, and now they can enjoy it in its entirety.

“Vacaxiones,” a track first previewed in 2020, is officially out in full as the boundary-breaking reggaeton star shares it Thursday alongside a new visual, premiering above. The post-breakup vacation anthem, sung from a woman’s perspective, hears Feid finally appease fans who’ve been hitting him with memes to get “Vacaxiones” officially out in the universe. 

“I feel really happy about this release,” Feid shares with Complex. “It’s a song I’ve been producing and working on for a long time so my toxic fans can enjoy it, haha. It was a song that was hard to wrap up because I already had the preview hot on the streets and I didn’t want to ruin the essence of what I already had available since I had to go back to finish it up. We added some heat to the beginning of the track to turn some heads.”

As for the “Vacaxiones” video, the 29-year-old Colombian artist says he drew inspiration from the 1998 Hype Williams movie Belly, and that he’s happy with how director Deathofgian put the pieces together. 

“I always add a little bit of hip-hop in my songs or videos and my director Deathofgian always comes correct with fresh new ideas and I feel that he killed it,” he shares. “The song ended up having a very special sound to it. NOIZE put old school reggaeton to sound like FERXXO and that’s what I feel made the song.”

Check out Feid’s “Vacaxiones”—his first since his Alvaro Diaz and Tainy teamup “Llori Pari” dropped in September—above.