After spending the past month in jail on charges in connection to a 2018 arrest, Fat Trel took to Instagram on Friday to share an update on his current incarceration.

In a lengthy post, the former Maybach Music Group rapper revealed a judge sentenced him to another year and a half in prison.

“After my 3 year long incarceration by the federal government for gun possession, I was aware I had to face the Virginia court system regarding my probation,” Trel explained. “After a month in Arlington County Jail, this morning was my sentencing date. The District Attorney supported my request to be released for time served. However, Judge DiMatteo chose to sentence me to a year and a half of backup time.”

Trel continued, “The justice system needs major reformation. Three years in federal prison was more than enough time for me to confirm my mindset and the way I move. I’m being punished a second time around without regard for the years I’ve already served.”

The news arrives three months after the 31-year-old D.C. rapper returned home after serving three years for possession of a firearm in 2018. Trel was subsequently arrested in December and hit with four counts of a Revocation of Suspended Sentence and Probation in connection to another 2018 arrest.

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