Denzel Curry dishes out a plate full of gems in his aptly titled new single, “The Game.”

Curry dropped “The Game” on Friday. On the track, the rapper explains how he escaped poverty and attempts to give listeners a road map so they can do the same. 

“Want to know how I got there, I put in hard work/I know you want to get this money, gotta be smart first,” Curry raps. “I don’t fuck with people who ain’t on the same time/Too lazy, don’t want to make dimes, they want to take mine.”

Curry also shouts out Megan Thee Stallion and Noname on the song. 

“The Game” is Curry’s first solo single of 2021. It’s laced with a Charlie Heat instrumental which allows Curry to show that he’s one of rap’s more gifted lyricists. Along with being a reference to the advice he’s giving fans, the title is a double entendre that also alludes to Curry’s music being featured on Madden 22. Curry’s tracks “Sumo,” “Shawshank,” and “Lemonade” were previously featured in the iconic video game series. 

Listen to Denzel Curry’s new single, “The Game,” up top.