Footage of DaBaby and his crew getting into a fight with DaniLeigh’s brother at a bowling alley surfaced last week, but the rapper says he acted in “self defense.”

The video of the fight showed DaBaby and several others attacking Brandon Bills, the brother of  DaniLeigh the artist’s former girlfriend with whom he shares a child. The bowling alley, Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California, has reportedly banned DaBaby from the premises. Additionally, he’s under investigation for assault, according to local authorities.

TMZ paparazzo has since gotten the rapper to speak on his side of the confrontation. Asked what happened, DaBaby simply replied, “Self defense. Shouldn’t run around threatening people.”

Asked if he would agree to more fair one-on-one faceoff, he ignored the question and kept moving. But by the time he got around to leaving, he was asked if he was “done bowling for a while.” He responded, “I love bowling.”

Shortly after the fight video went viral, Bills said, “If I had only 1 homie that night everything would’ve been different not 1 person came to help me out.” According to TMZ, one of the employees at the alley said DaBaby and his crew were the assailants while Bills was the victim, which security camera footage will allegedly support.

Prior to the fight, Bills said on social media he would duke it out with DaBaby because of his treatment of DaniLeigh. The two split sometime last year before the arrival of their first child together, and DaBaby made some of their issues public as he filmed her breastfeeding on Instagram Live.