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Pictures of Justin Bieber’s custom 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith have found their way onto the internet, and though reaction to the look is mixed, you should still quit your job immediately and be a teen idol. 

The car’s exclusive-for-Bieber look is the product of the team over at West Coast Customs, and was reportedly inspired by another Rolls-Royce (specifically the 103EX Vision 100 that came out back in 2016). As TMZ wrote of the inspiration:

That concept – a 2-seater with a panoramic sunroof – also featured massive, half-concealed wheels and a super-tall grille. 

Bieber’s model doesn’t have a panoramic sunroof, but the grille and covered-up wheels look to be aped. Here’s the WCC IG page:

Here’s the inspiration:

And here it is out on the street:

The Wraith can be yours if you have about $330,000 on hand. As for the costs to customize it? Well, your guess is as good as ours. Talk to your bank.