Chance the Rapper says he still has love for Kanye West, despite being a target of one of his outbursts.

During a recent appearance on The Morning Hustle, Chano was asked about a circulating leaked video that captured a tense moment between him and Ye in Wyoming. The footage was reportedly part of a Donda-focused documentary that was helmed by Dame Dash.

“Sit your ass down and listen to the album or leave,” Kanye shouts at his fellow Chi-Town rapper.

The clip included an interview with Dash, who shed more light on the situation. The Roc-A-Fella co-founder said the incident had gone down during a Donda recording session, around the time Kanye was making headlines for his erratic and concerning antics.

“So, you know, Kanye is finishing his album and there’s people around. Chance, honestly, because of what he was reading, he came through just to check Kanye,” Dame says in the clip. “You know, again, Kanye deals with his issues at all times. They got into it, but they worked it out. At the end of the day, Chance was there just to be a friend.” 


Though he didn’t reveal what prompted Ye to lash out, Chance told The Morning Hustle that the video didn’t give “the full story.”

“It’s a clip of a larger moment, like no one’s ever gonna get the full story of what’s going on,” he explained. “And yeah, people do take it and run with it, ’cause I saw some people put, like, fake captions under the video to make it look like he was talking about my music or something like that. But in all honesty, this is real life. I have real friends and they go through real problems.”

Chance said many people took the video clip and “exploited” a “genuine moment.”

“I did come out there to check on my friend,” he said. “Me and a lot of other people still have love for Ye. But he’s a human, he’s not perfect. He was obviously going through it at that time … It made me re-evaluate my friendship with him, for sure. I had never been so close to him going through an episode.”

“… At the end of the day, I definitely love the dude. That’s my guy,” he continued. “It sucks that sometimes people can exploit a moment that is a genuine moment.”

You can check out Chance’s full comments above. The full Morning Hustle interview with premiere Monday.