Cardi B accomplished a historic feat when “Up” reach No. 2 on the Billboard 100 chart. To celebrate, Bardi shared the news with her fans. Yet instead of being happy for Cardi achieving heights, some of her followers decided to use this as evidence that she cares more about sales than artistry. 

“If it’s one thing Cardi B loves doing, it’s OBSESSING over Music Charts,” a fan said in a quote tweet of Cardi celebrating her success. This prompted Cardi B to fire back by asking why this energy is extended to other artists who pull a lot more tricks in an effort to have a high charting debut.

“It’s obsessive when I do it but not when other people brag about it right ? When I win it’s a problem but when other artist discount their shit and do hundred things to debut high it’s not chart obsessed,” she wrote. “Artist should be happy ass fuk when they debut high ALL OF THEM !”

After highlighting a troll, Cardi decided to show love to her real fans who are happy for her success.

“I was talkin my hot shit earlier but on some real shit THANK YOU EVERYONE .BARDIgang , GP ,music listeners ,people who listen on their stories ,tiktokers ,artist ,blogs, YouTubers EVERYONE who help my record go #2 billboard .I appreciate it more then ya ever think !” she tweeted.

After debuting as the No. 2 song in the country, Cardi has now amassed 10 Top 10 singles. She’s also generated at least one Top 10 finish in the last five years dating back to her breakthrough single, “Bodak Yellow.”