Bobby Shmurda just had his most extensive interview since coming home. Sitting down with Maino on the Kitchen Talk podcast, Bobby dives into everything one would want to know about the GS9 rapper, who recently came home after doing six years of a seven-year prison sentence. 

The 26-year-old rapper seems to be in a mature place, as he repeatedly references trying to set a positive example for the youth, and discusses the foolishness of artists deliberately getting into trouble once they achieve fame. Throughout the 90-minute conversation, he talks with Maino about the limited options many people feel in poverty, and how that can manifest the arduous lifestyle he once lived. 

Bobby talks about it all with Maino, from his prison stint, to the making of the “Hot Nigga” video (which almost didn’t happen), to his exploits since coming home (including “orgies” and “shrimp sandwiches”). The interview veers from insightful to poignant to hilarious, making for a comprehensive discussion between two artists who met in 2005 when Maino used to come on Bobby’s block and give the kids game. Now they’re giving the next generation some jewels together. Here are six things we learned from the conversation.