Billie Eilish is speaking up in Texas.

The musician—who was just revealed to be appearing as Sally in a live version of The Nightmare Before Christmas—put on a massive set at Austin City Limits Music Festival on Saturday, and she had a message for the Texans in attendance about the state’s recent abortion laws. 

“When they made that shit a law, I almost didn’t want to do the show, because I wanted to punish this fucking place for allowing that to happen here, but then I remembered that it’s you guys that are the fucking victims. And you deserve everything in the world.”

Of course, Billie was alluding to the new law in the state that bans all abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, which has been at the forefront of criticism in recent weeks. During the moment in her set, Eilish showcased a graphic that read “Bans Off Our Bodies” as she shared her thoughts.

“We need to tell them to shut the fuck up,” Billie said, telling the crowd to put their middle fingers in the air. “My body, my fucking choice.”

Last month, the the U.S. Department of Justice sued Texas over its new law, with Attorney General Merrick Garland calling it “clearly unconstitutional under long-standing Supreme Court precedent.”