Body Language is finally on the horizon, folks. Big Body Bes has been teasing his debut album for several years now, going so far as to releasing an Alchemist-produced loosie entitled “Homicide” in 2018. And two years before that we premiered this spoken word freestyle. His new song “Tears of a Tiger” is produced by Harry Fraud and the video was directed by Big Body himself. 

“This is a three in the morning motivational musical. A story about pain and glory,” he told Complex. “I wanted to make sure that we shot in locations that are a part of my story. I made sure we shot on Linden Blvd. right in front of the famous Lindenwood Diner, we were on the block on Fulton St. in East New York, Davidson Ave. in the Bronx and Fordham Road which is the foundation of my story. I wanted to show my mind on film.”

The Alchemist recently said the album is a “game changer” and that Body “created a new genre.” He also mentioned that the project is fully produced by Harry Fraud, Budgie, and himself.

“This is the music to my madness. This is why we can’t compare it to anything because there isn’t anything to compare it to right now. My wordplay is unmatched so you might as well put it to a beat, add a few Spanish situations to it and that’s it,” Bes added.

Body Language is set to drop in September, but for now check out the new video and make sure to brush up on your Spanish in case you ever find yourself in a Latin situation in the Tombs. Big shouts to Spoken Word Body.