A dependable playlist is an essential resource in the life of any music fan.

A good playlist can reunite you with old favorites and put you on to new gems. Ideally, it’s created by someone who regularly updates it with new songs that fit a cohesive theme, and if everything goes right, even just one playlist can keep you in the know about all the music you care about.

There’s a staggering amount of playlists on the internet, but finding one that perfectly suits your needs is the hard part. Most people in your life—your friends, your barber, random influencers you follow on Instagram—have created playlists that you could follow on streaming services, but which ones are actually worth the time? 

Today, we’re highlighting three playlists on Amazon Music Unlimited that we recommend for any fan of rap. These playlists are curated by a team at Amazon who make sure to keep each of them constantly updated with the best music in rap. 

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Without further ado, here are the best rap playlists on Amazon Music Unlimited right now.