The lawsuits against Travis Scott, Live Nation, and others over the tragedy at Astroworld Festival 2021 continue to increase.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Complex has counted at least 35 lawsuits pertaining to the tragedy having been filed through the Harris County District Clerk. This comes after Rolling Stone reports that the number amounted to at least 19 on Monday.

Among those lawsuits, festival attendee Kristian Paredes is seeking $1 million from Scott, Live Nation, and Drake—who appeared at the show. Patrick Stennis is suing Live Nation, Scott, Cactus Jack, and the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation, with several others making their cases known. 

As TMZ reports via an obtained Certificate of Liability Insurance, NRG Park has an insurance policy covering $26 million, made up of $1 million in primary coverage and a $25 million umbrella.

The document shows no additional policy, but it is possible the venue is covered by more. It is unclear what policies Scott and Live Nation have, but TMZ shares that it is unlikely that they will be able to cover the hundreds of millions requested combined via just insurance. 

With the suits coming in, Billboard shares that Harris County District Judge Ravi K. Sandill issued an order allowing attorneys to inspect and photograph the NRG Park grounds, while organizers can preserve evidence.