Vince Staples: "The '90s Get a Lot of Credit, I Don't Really Know Why"

Staples said he's more of a fan of the early 2000s.

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UPDATE: Vince took to Twitter this afternoon to clarify his comments from the interview, and said that he never said the '90s were overrated or bad. In the process, he defended himself against N.O.R.E., who called out Vince earlier in the day. 

@vincestaples ur a grown man too that's y I hit u direct

— N.O.R.E (@noreaga) October 28, 2015

Vince Staples is looked at as one of the leaders of the new school, but it seems that he probably has a different outlook on the past than most of his rap peers. During a recent interview with TIME, Staples made his case as to why he thinks the '90s—including the music—are overrated, despite the fact that the decade is often looked at as the "Golden Age" of hip-hop. "There's not a 50 Cent in the '90s, they didn't even have a Kanye," Staples said.

While he admits Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. are staples of the decade, he's personally more of a fan of the early 2000s. "The first song I remember listening to was Lil Bow Wow's 'Bounce With Me.' Bow Wow is one of my favorite rappers ever, you could never take that from me," Staples said. Seeing that he was born in 1993, you might be able to see where his opinion is coming from, but a lot of people probably won't agree. Vince is currently on tour with A$AP Rocky, which you can check out the remaining dates for here

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