Read Three Handwritten Poems By a 17 Year Old Tupac Shakur

The three poems were uncovered by Pac's first manager, Leila Steinberg.

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It's pretty rare to see any Tupac Shakur memorabilia come to light nowadays, especially handwritten poems from the legendary MC himself when he was 17 years old. But, that's exactly what we have in front of us today, courtesy of Noisey and Pac's first manager, Leila Steinberg. The three poems, titled "Things That Make My Heart Break," "Cupid's Smile II," and "A Love Unspoken,"- give a glimpse into the mind of an adolescent Tupac and echo the same type of emotions that made Tupac so popular as a rapper later in his life, as he writes above love, heartbreak, and relationships. Head over to Noisey to read an essay by Jeff Weiss on Tupac, as well.



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