The Best GIFs From Beyoncé's Amazing "Formation" Video


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Beyoncé just released the video for her new single, "Formation," and it feels like the world just stopped. Ok, not literally, but the visual is so amazing that everyone is taking notice because King Beyoncé made her return and brought so much of the real with her. The video has everything from Blue Ivy stunting to the max, Beyoncé slaying, and a powerful message on police brutality with a young black child standing up to the police.

With so much energy and substance, we decided to pull some of the best GIFs from the video, if for no other reason just to appreciate the greatness of Beyoncé. You can also watch the video in full above, and be sure to tune into Beyoncé's Super Bowl 50 halftime performance with Coldplay tomorrow night. It's sure to be a spectacle to remember. 


Wow, same. 

On the way to Red Lobster. 

Show them, Blue. 

Don't do them like that, Bey. 


Mood, forever. 

Get it, Bey.

The best revenge is your paper. 💵💵💵

One GIF says a thousand words.

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