Here's a Snippet of the Secret Wu-Tang Clan Album

They're still seeking the highest bidder for the album.

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The current issues inside of Wu-Tang Clan about their upcoming release of, A Better Tomorrow, haven't slowed down the anticipation for their secret album, Once Upon a Time In Shaolin. The album, which is supposedly completed, has not been heard by the general public in any capacity, until today. Forbes released video of their reporter, Zack O'Malley Greenburg, in Morocco with the producer of the album.

The entire story of Zack's journey to hear the secret album can be read here, but luckily enough, a small snippet of the album was recorded on tape. The recording, which can be viewed above, features a small taste of a verse from Ghostface. Maybe that kickstarter will raise enough money so we can all hear the album one day.

Update: When the clip was made available yesterday via Forbes, people questioned whether or not it was Cher's vocals on the snippet. Rolling Stone reached out to a representative for Cher declined who confirmed that she "recorded her parts separately" and that her vocals will appear on two songs on the album. Read more on Rolling Stone right now.

[via Forbes]

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