Rihanna's New Album, 'ANTI,' Isn't Coming As Soon As Fans Hoped

Hopefully it's coming soon.

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Rihanna's upcoming album, ANTI, is easily one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and though rumors indicated the project was coming really soon, it doesn't look like they were accurate. According to Billboard, the project will not be released on Nov. 6, and there is serious doubt in the report that the the album will be released the following week either, mainly because One Direction and Justin Bieber are dropping Nov. 13, too.

Rihanna recently revealed the title and cover for her long-awaited eight studio album, which led fans to believe that she was dropping it sooner rather than later, though there was no concrete confirmation. To this point, she's released three singles this year, though it's unclear what songs will make it onto the final cut of the album. Throughout her career, Rihanna has dominated the fourth quarter, so it would make sense that she drops before the year is over, though we now know it won't be as early as the first two weeks of November. Hang in there, Rihanna Navy, your time is coming. 

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