Rick Ross Thinks 50 Cent is Out to Get Him

50 Cent took a picture with Ross' accuser earlier this month.

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Rick Ross is currently out on bail while he faces kidnapping and assault charges, but in the meantime he's going directly at his accuser with a lawsuit of his own. Back in June, Ross' former groundskeeper, Jonathan Zamudio​, accused the rapper of pistol-whipping and locking him in a room, which led to Rozay's arrest a few weeks later.

In Ross' new lawsuit, he claims that Zamudio's story is all false. His proof? The audio of the 911 call which was from hours later, during which he didn't report any injuries, and spoke calm and clear to the dispatcher. In the original arrest report, Zamudio alleged that Ross beat him up so bad that he had to eat out of a straw. Ross also claims that Zamudio is in cahoots with 50 Cent, who has long been a rival of Rozay.

While this seems like a reach, it looks like there might be something behind the 50 and Zamudio connection. 50 actually posted a picture with him earlier this month, and in the caption he wrote, "Now You Pay." Back in July, 50 cent lost a lawsuit against Ross' child's mother, and was ordered by a court to pay $5 million for leaking her sex tape in 2010. Ross claims that this Zamudio situation is all revenge for that. 

Ross' assault and kidnapping case is currently pending, but it looks like this isn't even close to wrapping up. 

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