Rick Ross Calls 50 Cent a Donkey, Thanks Him for Promoting MMG Shirts

These two will never stop.

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Rick Ross and 50 Cent will never stop taking shots at each other. The latest jabs took place on Instagram today, when 50 decided to make fun of a shirt with an image of Ross' chest that MMG sells on their site. 50 said that he's going to sell the shirt for $2.95 rather than the $25 that they go for on the MMG homepage. Rozay went back to the typical bankruptcy diss with his response to 50, but also joked that 50 is working for MMG by promoting the shirts.

Last month, Ross mentioned 50's ongoing bankruptcy in a number of interviews, but 50 quickly shot back with some hilarious posts on Instagram to show that he still has some money to play with. These two will never stop taking shots in the other's direction, but at least they make funny in the process. 

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