Rick Ross and Lira Mercer's Engagement Only Lasted Two Months

The boss is back on the market.

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Well, the Boss Rick Ross looks to be back on the market, as TMZ is reporting that he called off his engagement with actress and modelLira Mercer. The couple reportedly got into a huge fight recently that was apparently so bad, Mercer immediately moved all of her stuff out of Rozay's Georgia mansion. 

Ross originally proposed to Mercer back in September, and though the news was a surprise, they seemed happy together for the most part. It's pretty unclear when things went south for the couple, as just four days ago she posted a picture of them together and smiling on Instagram.

As TMZ also pointed out, as of last night Mercer was still wearing her massive engagement ring in public. If you're keeping track, the couple's engagement lasted just under 50 days, but hey, maybe it just wasn't meant to be. 

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