50 Cent Still Hasn't Paid Any Money In Leaked Sex Tape Lawsuit

50 currently owes her over $7 million.

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Back in July, 50 Cent was ordered to pay over $7 million to Rick Ross' baby motherLastonia Leviston, after it was determined that he caused her emotional distress by leaking her sex tape in 2009. While 50 is currently in the middle of his own bankruptcy issues, TMZ is now reporting Leviston hasn't received any money from the rapper yet. Not only that, but Leviston reportedly filed court documents recently to voice her concern that 50's bankruptcy lawyers expenses are unreasonable when she still hasn't been paid.

According to the report, 50's bankruptcy lawyers have already spent over $50,000 on hotels since they started working on the case, with another $15,000 going towards their legal research. As part of his bankruptcy case, 50 must turn all of his expenses into a judge, so Leviston is asking the judge to reject his lawyer expenses for the hotel and research because she thinks they're unreasonable. Basically, it seems that Leviston is concerned that 50 won't have enough cash left to pay her. We'll update this story as it develops.

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