Lupe Fiasco Says Atlantic Records Treats Him Like a Third Class Citizen

"They treat me like a third-class citizen," - Lupe on Atlantic Records.

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Earlier this week, Lupe Fiasco dropped by the Sirius XM studio for a quick interview with Torae about his upcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth. The conversation quickly shifted to his turbulent relationship with Atlantic Records, with Lupe candidly speaking on why he doesn't get along with the label and how he deals with the disconnect.

“Bad, to keep it a thousand. I can’t wait to get off. Even with that said, I’m coming with the biggest records of my career over the next two albums just to set myself up for that post-Atlantic Records career. I’ve had a very interesting run for various reasons. I don’t even think about it anymore. I just go ahead. I rock with my homies at the label who are my homies, but that executive level don’t fuck with your boy too heavy.”

Lupe then went on to say that he thinks the majority of the issues stem from him not being on a standard 360 deal, and how certain money is divided when it comes to merchandise and touring.

"I don't have a 360 deal, so since they can't eat off of my merchandise and my publishing and my touring, they treat me like a third-class citizen up there."

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