Here's the Lil Yachty and Kylie Jenner Collaboration You've All Been Waiting For

They flipped the 'Mr. Rogers Neighborhood' theme song.

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Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty and Kylie Jenner have a song together, and it's definitely out there. On the track titled "Beautiful Day," Yachty and his go-to producer Burberry Perry flip the classic theme song from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, while flowing with his usual catchy melodies and unique lyrics. Though Jenner's part on the song is pretty minor, she's on there, and even mentions this is the first time she's ever appeared on a track. Of course, there have been plenty of rumors over the past year Jenner was going to get into music in some sort of way, but up to this point, they have stayed as rumors. Well, she's officially in the game now, and there's no turning back. Justine Skye and Jordyn Woods also appear on the song and rap, "Fuck ni**as," repeatedly after Kylie's part, though people initially thought it was Kylie that rapped that. Woods later cleared it up on Twitter and confirmed that it was her and Skye. 

This song is included on Perry's new self-titled EP, which also includes features from Justine Skye and Jordyn Woods. This marks the latest work between Yachty and Perry, which also includes a flip of the Rugrats theme song on the track, "All Night." To this point, Yachty has only dropped one project himself, but his fame has grown as more people come across his music. He's currently on tour with Young Thug, with dates listed here. He also has a project on the way with Makonnen. You can stream "Beautiful Day" below, and the entire project right here

@thecityofjules @ComplexMag @KylieJenner @lilyachty that's me and Justine.

— Jordyn Woods (@jordynwoods) May 4, 2016

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