Kehlani Shares Her New Song '24/7'

Her first song since she was hospitalized for a rumored suicide attempt.

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Kehlani just released her brand new song, "24/7," which features production from DZL. This is the first track the Bay Area singer has dropped since she was hospitalized back in March for a rumored suicide attempt. If you recall, Kehlani's personal life was blown up in the public after PARTYNEXTDOOR posted a picture of them together in bed, while most thought she was still in a relationship with NBA player Kyrie Irving. The entire situation was a lot for Kehlani and eventually led her out of the public eye, aside for a few performances over the past few weeks.

It appears that she's now ready to get back to the music, and she's letting out all of her feelings on "24/7" with emotional lyrics like, "I Don't know nobody who thinks they're somebody 24/7, I don't know nobody who smiles 24/7." It's unclear if Kehlani is directly referencing her stay in the hospital with those lines, but it certainly seems like she's trying to move on past the situation with her music. As of now, Kehlani has yet to officially announce plans for her next project, but fans are eagerly awaiting, as it's been over a year now since her last effort, You Should Be Here, came out. You can stream "24/7" above. 

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