Kanye West: "I Want to Help the World and I Need Help to Do It"

'Ye getting these tweets off.

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Now that Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album is finally out, the rapper is going on full-blown Twitter sprees, which have been pretty rare from Kanye in recent memory. The latest one finds Kanye basically just fleshing out ideas on how he wants to help the world with more than just music, and how he can accomplish these goals. The most recent tweets also pretty much piggyback off of his thoughts last night, where he once again asked Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg for money to help the world.

As far as the scale of what Kanye wants to do, he said that his recent album listening and fashion show at Madison Square Garden were just a small sample of what's on his mind. "I am of service to the world with my art and I just want to serve more," Kanye wrote. As far as the tweets the other day about his $53 million debt,TMZ just reported that Kanye's not actually in that much debt, but that's the amount he's put into his fashion line and music. That would explain why 'Ye is so eagerly looking for financial help so that he can reach the full scale of his goals.

According to the report, Kanye put almost $30 million of his own money into the first three seasons of Yeezy lines, though adidas did pay for the event at MSG. "People wanted me to tweet again, well here's some tweets!!!!," Kanye finished. He's not lying. 

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