Listen to Kanye West's New Song, "No More Parties In LA" f/ Kendrick Lamar

Though it's not Friday, it's still a G.O.O.D day.

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Though it's not technically a G.O.O.D Friday, we still get more new music from Kanye West tonight, as he drops his new song, "No More Parties in LA" featuring Kendrick Lamar. The release comes as the most recent installment of the new age of the G.O.O.D Fridays series, which Kim Kardashian revealed were coming back earlier this month.

This is also the latest song from Kanye since he confirmed that his new album, SWISH, will be released on Feb. 11. Though we already knew that Kanye originally crafted "No More Parties in LA" with Madlib during the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sessions in 2010, Kim tweeted last night that 'Ye added some work to the track on his way back from a trip to Italy. That added work actually turned out to be a display of lyrical excellence from Kanye, as he snapped throughout his lengthy verse on the track. "That's why I'd rather take the 405, I be worried 'bout my daughter, I be worried about Kim, but Saint is baby 'Ye, I ain't worried about him," Kanye rapped. 

Based on Kim's tweets, it would seem that Kanye will continue to drop new music every week leading up to the album, though it's unclear if these songs will actually be featured on the project. As she noted, this is the first ever collaboration from Kanye and Kendrick, even though they were on the Yeezus tour together back in 2013. 

Listen to the song below.
I soooo didn't mean to lie to you guys about GOOD FRIDAYS coming back. Kanye flew to Italy for a Yezzy Season 3 fitting.
He flew Noah out with him so he could finish "No More Parties In La" & wrote 90 bars on the plane there!!!
This is the 1st song ever with Kanye & Kendrick Lamar! He just landed & headed straight to the studio to finish it!!!

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