Kanye West Talks the Grammys, Beck, and Making Music With Taylor Swift

He once again praised Beck as one of the nicest guys he has ever met.

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After his eventful Grammy weekend, Kanye West called into Ryan Seacrest's program this morning to talk about the awards, Beck, and much more. 'Ye specifically talked the moment when he almost rushed to the stage when Beck won his award, and joked that the voices in his head told him to go up there, but that he ultimately decided against it. He also once again said that Beck is one of the nicest guys he's ever met in music, and that he didn't feel like he had the right to take away his moment.

Ironically enough, Kanye said that Taylor Swift came up to him after the incident and told him that he should have gone up there. On the subject of Swift, 'Ye revealed that they do intend to hit the studio together, and that he wants to work with any artists that have a true fan following and bring passion to their work. Kanye also went in on the Grammy system, and revealed that even if he is nominated next year, he won't attend until they change their voting system.

On his own new music, Kanye talked about the contrast of working with Paul McCartney and said that his level of angst works perfectly with what Paul does in the studio. With the release of his new Yeezy Boost shoe coming up this Saturday, Kanye said that they're going to stream the fashion show this week in 40 locations around the world, and that they will initially drop 9,000 pairs of the shoe in this first release. He said that eventually he wants to make the shoe available so that everyone can get a pair, and also mentioned that people at adidas have assured him that this is going to happen.

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