Kanye West Sits Down With 'Clique TV' For an Interview On Race, New Music, and More

Kanye talks new music, race, and more.

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Continuing his Paris takeover, Kanye West recently sat down with Clique TV for an informative interview where he talked about a number of topics including new music, race, and more. He revealed that while his new music will be radical like his last album Yeezus, the difference will be that he's now making "radical hits." "I've grown, I went to the gym like Michael Jordan like when he was going to win his championships and everything," said Kanye.

He also called Drake his sparring partner and explained how they motivate one another to go even harder with their music. "I think healthy competition is better than rivalry, because I think rivalry becomes a cancer," Ye revealed. "It becomes like termites in your house, but I feel like healthy competition is something where you appreciate how hard this one person goes. Like you know, I think that Michael [Jackson] needed Prince. Everybody needs somebody to kick their ass a little bit."

On the subject of race, which Kanye has touched on in a number of interviews recently, he said that he's on a mission to break down words and stereotypes in culture. He specifically mentioned when he wore the Confederate Flag on his jacket during the Yeezus tour and set out to flip the image of a historically racist image and make it something else. Again, he also proclaimed that racism itself is a dated concept.

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