Kanye West is Bringing His '808's & Heartbreak' Concert to Chicago (UPDATED)

More cities soon?

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UPDATE: The United Center has shot down the news of a possible Kanye 808's show at the venue and said that there was a misstep with the announcement on Ticketmaster this morning. A similar thing happened when the first two Los Angeles' shows were announced, so stay tuned. The United Center's full statement can be read below. 


If you missed Kanye West's two 808's & Heartbreak shows in Los Angeles last weekend, don't worry, it looks like he's bringing the concert around the country. While possible other dates aren't known yet, a new 808's show has officially been announced in Chicago at the United Center on November 9. Tickets aren't currently on sale and the site doesn't say when they will be available for purchase, but this should give fans who were sweating missing the first two shows a bit of relief.

We'll continue to update with more details on the show as they become available, but fans can keep an eye out at Ticketmaster here for further updates on the show, and possibly more dates. 

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