Is Young Thug Featured on Kanye West's 'SWISH?'

Could the long-awaited Thugga and 'Ye collaboration finally be on the way?

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Last night, Kanye West shared the official tracklist for his long-awaited album, SWISH, though he provided no information on who might be featured on the project. While some of the guest appearances on the album are already known because the songs were already out, Kanye has decided to keep the rest a secret. Though we probably won't know for sure until the album drops on Feb. 11, it looks like Young Thug may have made the cut, based on some tweets from his go-to video director, Be EL Be.

Shortly after Kanye shared the tracklist last night, EL Be took to his own Twitter to reveal that he thinks one of the songs does indeed feature Thug because he remembered the title. A Thugga and Kanye collaboration has been in the works for quite some time now, and first came to light when Thug talked about it back in 2014. As EL Be pointed out on Twitter though, nobody will know for sure until the album comes out. In equally as awesome news, Thug just shared that his Slime Season 3 mixtape will drop on Feb. 5 It appears that another big year for Young Thug is on deck. 

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