Is a Rich the Kid and Frank Ocean Collaboration About to Happen?

This is completely random but also awesome.

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Well, Frank Ocean is indeed alive and we have Rich the Kid to thank for the update. However random as this may be, Rich set the Internet on fire last night when he posted a screenshot of him FaceTiming with Frank Ocean. In the original tweet, Rich wrote "Me X Frank Ocean....smh," which indicates that they might actually be working together.

This would be quite the surprise since Frank has basically disappeared from the public spotlight while working on his album. It would also be surprising because a Frank Ocean and Rich the Kid collab would probably be the last thing people would expect, but we guess 2016 is just a different wave already. Rich ended up deleting his original tweet, but continued to retweet people throughout the night. Check out the screenshot below, and stay tuned for what might come from the two. 

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