Iggy Azalea Says Her Label Doesn't Want to See Her Shine

She says they wouldn't fund a video for her latest song, "Azillion."

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Earlier this month, Iggy Azalea returned with her new song, "Azillion," which seemed to make some positive waves with her core fanbase. However, It apparently wasn't enough buzz to get Iggy's label, Virgin EMI, to green light an official video for the song. This news sent Iggy to Twitter, where she went on a mini-rant about the decision and her overall frustrations with the label.

She not only directly called out Virgin EMI President Ted Cockle, but also said she wished she could move to only Def Jam Records, which is the label she's under at Universal Music Group along with Virgin EMI. Iggy is currently working on her new album, Digital Distortion, and is expected to release her official single from the project in the near future. Check out her latest Twitter rant below. 

If all else fails ill just drive around LA and play my new album really loudly every monday from 4-6pm hahaha

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