Here's a Breakdown of Who Has the Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop

Chief Keef didn't make the cut.

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Statistical breakdowns in hip-hop will always be interesting, and the latest comes from Matt Daniels, who is a data scientist in New York. For his latest study, Matt decided to find out which MC has the largest vocabulary in hip-hop.

For his research, Matt examined an artist's first 35,000 words of his career, which he figured equalled out to their first three to five albums or EP's. Through this he found out which artists used the most unique words for that period, subsequently finding out which had the largest vocabularies.

It turns out that AESOP Rock was the clear winner, using 7,392 unique words in the first 35,000 words of his rap career. The likes of Wu Tang Clan, Canibus, and Kool Keith are right behind, and to no surprise, E-40 ended up with the largest vocabulary of out the West. If someone is first, that also means someone has to be last, and that someone is DMX. Don't worry X, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot is still a classic.

To see where the likes of Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and more rank, check out the full info-graphic here.

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