You Can Now Help Meek Mill Avoid Taking L's In This New Online Game

Face off against Drake and 50 Cent.

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Meek Mill has been through his fair share of beefs in recent memory, as he went up against the likes of DrakeWale, and 50 Cent over the past year. And while Meek is back focused on his music, having just dropped a new EP, it will be hard for people to quickly forget about his many conflicts. Alas, if you want to help Meek defeat his adversaries, there's now an online game just for you. The game—called "Meeky Mill" and created by designer Richie Branson—is of the standard "Flappy Bird" variety, and pretty fun, as you play as Meek while trying to collect coins and avoid Ls at all cost. It's not only entertaining, but also addicting, as you might find yourself playing all day at work. You can play the game on a PC or Mac right here

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