Listen to Gucci Mane's "Down On That" f/ Young Thug

Gucci is still locked up, but the flow of new music doesn't stop.

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Gucci Mane remains locked up, but his team continues the run of new music with the release of "Down On That" featuring Young Thug. The song is in fact dominated by Thugga, as he handles the opening verse before laying down a memorable hook that features his energetic banter and screeching sound that fans have become used to over the last year. Gucci then ends the song with a noteworthy verse that is actually one of his better efforts of all of the music that has been released since he has been locked up. As of yet, Gucci hasn't announced which project this song will land on, but if history tells us anything, we won't have to wait long for it. Stream the track below.


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