Ghostface Killah Won't Stop Going in on Martin Shkreli

The clowning may never end.

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Ghostface Killah isn't letting Martin Shkreli​ off the hook anytime soon, and it's quite hilarious. If you missed it, Ghostface called Shkreli a "shithead" last week, and Shkreli responded with a diss about Ghostface's album sales.

The beef isn't slowing down this week either, as Ghostface once again talked to TMZ about Shkreli, and basically went all the way in on him. Ghostface clowned Skhreli's appearance, and even said that his nose looks like Michael Jackson's. Seeing that Ghostface is an elite trash talker, Shkreli is up against crazy odds in this feud, which likely isn't going to end anytime soon. Well, that is until he possibly gets sent to jail

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