Cleveland State Students Chanted Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" In Protest Against Police

Police officers allegedly slammmed a teenager to the ground during the protest.

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Contrary to what Geraldo Rivera thinksKendrick Lamar and hip-hop is not causing more damage to young African-Americans than racism. It's inspiring communities across the world. That was fully on display in Ohio over the weekend, when students from Cleveland State University chanted Kendrick's "Alright" as a rallying cry in a protest against the police that formed during a "Black Lives Matter" event when an officer allegedly slammed a teenager to the ground.

As a crowd began to grow and attempt to block the police cruiser's path, officers responded with pepper spray, to which the crowd locked arms and began chanting the hook of "Alright" as they stood their ground. Watch footage of the incident above. 

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